How to Write a Perfect Conclusion For Your Essay

The conclusion of an essay is your coup de gras. It is your final verdict. The winning closing argument. Most of all, it is the basis of your final grade in your essay. But why is a conclusion so important? Some essays may end without conclusions, but as a student, you are not privileged enough to do something so unacademic.

Regardless, all essays must have conclusions since it is an academic paper. If not, it is considered a creative piece instead. A conclusion rounds out your entire essay by finalizing your ideas and making sure that you get your point across.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion is essentially a summary of your entire essay. To keep it simple, you can summarize the parts of the body that have the most impact on your conclusion. This can be a problem that you hypothesized or an idea that you support.

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect conclusion:

  1. Keep it to two paragraphs.

Since the conclusion is the finishing touch, it should not be part of the body. Once you go over two paragraphs, the conclusion will turn into another argument or discussion. If you have more to say, you can do so. However, it should be limited to your final thoughts and how you arrived at that conclusion.

  1. Do not speak casually.

For articles like this one, it’s okay to finish with phrases like “Now that…”, “So,” and the popular “In conclusion.” While that last one is more formal, it is overused. It is best to start your conclusion with your defining sentence using simple, but academic words.

  1. Do not finish with a question.

No one will answer your question. If it is philosophical, go ahead. However, do not finish an essay with a “What do you think?” kind of question. The best way to go about this is to phrase your question as if you are asking yourself. Write it as if you are still looking for answers, but for now, this conclusion will suffice.

  1. Put your references on another page.

The conclusion is cut and dry so the reader knows that they must look at references in order to understand your idea. However, if you wrote a proper essay, you already mentioned the references in the body. The list of these references, on the other hand, should be placed on another page.

  1. Don’t leave the reader wanting more.

If you have a part two in mind, stop that train of thought. Put all of your conclusions in your essay now because you may not have a chance to write it in another piece. Unless it is a series of essays, you should avoid writing down comments that say, “That is a story for another time.” An essay, whether long or short, should be a complete representation of your topic.

  1. To be creative or not?

While an essay does not require an artistic edge, it can benefit from a creative concept. You can utilize the conclusion by explaining it in a creative way. One example is to write a conclusion that reads like the end of a story. While using the guidelines above, use any creative writing techniques that will make your conclusion stand out.

  1. The exact format of a conclusion.

Lastly, should you find it difficult to write a conclusion that is eye-catching, mindblowing, and whatnot, this is the best format you can use to write the perfect essay conclusion.

  1. Start with your finishing statement, i.e. the phrase that explains your conclusion.
  2. Write your reasons for arriving at this conclusion.
  3. Add your suggestions or recommendations. Back them up with credible resources.
  4. Explain your reasons for your recommendations and suggestions. Why did you decide on those and how will it benefit the reader?
  5. Finish off the conclusion with the best possible outcome of your topic’s goal. The goal is to formulate the solution to a problem you posed in the introduction or an answer to a question asked by the topic itself.

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