How to Become a SMARTER Person: 18 Habits to Be More Intelligent

7 Ways to Become Smarter Every Week To be successful in business, you need a nimble mind to react to problems faster and you need to be adept at understanding whatever is thrown your way. In short, your ability to succeed is often determined by how smart you are. With practice, anyone can increase their […]

7 ways to scale your small business to £1m

13 Secrets for Growing Your Business Quickly With hardworking employees dedicated to your company’s success, your business will be better equipped for continued growth. In addition, delegating tasks to focus on important work will free up your time and energy, allowing you to perform at your best and cultivate a collaborative work culture. Rather than […]

39 Entrepreneur Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

41 Small Business Statistics: Everything You Need To Know From eCommerce stores and brick-and-mortar boutiques to finance consulting, art galleries, and craft breweries, small businesses are as varied as they are numerous. With more than 32.5 million small businesses in the US, it’s obvious that the market is highly competitive, and that living out the […]

21 Social Media Best Practices to Follow in 2022

21 Social Media Best Practices to Follow in 2022 There’s no “one magical way” to do social media marketing that works for everyone. But, there are a few universal pitfalls that can sink anyone. These range from PR nightmares to more seemingly innocuous mistakes, like posting the exact same content on every platform. 1. Research […]

6 Common Examples of Administrative Tasks (With Resume Tips)

6 common examples of administrative responsibilities 1. Answer and direct phone calls A common administrative responsibility is answering and directing calls professionally. This task may require you to provide customers and clients with information about the business or resolve any queries they may have. Your ability to perform this task professionally is important because it […]

8 Best Majors for Undecided Students

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Major Many potential factors go into determining the best majors for undecided students. Learners should consider their education and career goals. Most careers require corresponding degrees and credentials. Prospective learners should also consider their skills and talents. What Were My Academic Strengths in High School? Prospective students […]